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 Medical Massage & Rehabilitation

Amputee Therapies

Limb Loss is a life changing, altering, and psychological trauma. Therapeutic therapies can lead to better range of motion, structural re-alignment through manipulation of soft tissue and ligaments. Scot (our owner and therapist) has dedicated his career to Amputee Massage and Massage for People with Disabilities. Medical and Therapeutic Massage have been known to have the following benefits.

  • Reduced Swelling
  • Less Muscle Stiffness
  • Reduced Scar Tissue Tightness
  • Reduced Spasms
  • Increased Circulation
  • Better Range of Motion
  • Increased Muscle Length
  • Less Pain
  • Decreased Anxiety and Stress
  • Increased Relaxation

Some Common conditions that are relieved by massage include:

  • Phantom Pain - All conditions are unique, but this is pain that is caused normally by nerve and brain perception. Normally burning, cramping, stabbing, twisting, crushing or throbbing. This can be relieved by Therapeutic Massage and stretching.
  • Muscle Tightness, Stiffness, Spasms - Muscles and joints often have pain in the amputated area, and the over compensative areas that are needed to do daily functions. Therapeutic Massage helps to increase range of motion, and flexibility of these muscles tendons and joints.
  • Residual Limb Pain -This is pain in the rest of the amputated part normally, but not limited to tissue damage during surgery, rubbing of the skin, poor prosthetic fittings, and joint dysfunctions. All of these can be effectively treated with Therapeutic Massage.
  • Scar Tissue -Scar Tissue is related to surgery or injury in the affected limb/limbs. This can limit and eventually prevent movement. It is less elastic, and thicker than normal skin or tissue. This can result in pain, itching or sensitivity in the limb or areas where amputated. With the massage technique of Scar Tissue Release, we can prevent, maintain and alleviate this scar tissue.
  • Poor Blood Circulation -Good circulation is very important for a even recovery. It provides oxygen, and nutrients to the affected area, through the blood. Poor circulation can cause Phantom Pain in the affected limb. Circulation is increased through different massage techniques.
  • Swelling - Swelling in a part of the body is very common after surgery, wearing a prosthesis for a long time, or standing for long periods. The swelling can produce excess fluid, pain, numbness tingling sensation, or pins and needles. Manual Lymphatic Drainage, along with our stretching education for amputees, can help to prevent and maintain such swelling.

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