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Live in Your Body Again

 Medical Massage & Rehabilitation

About Us

About Us Scot Trahan Medical Massage & Rehabilitation was created by our owner and Head Therapist Scot Trahan. His vision was to offer therapy like no other, and to develop techniques that would benefit the patient/client.

At Scot Trahan Medical Massage & Rehabilitation you are our number one concern. Our clinic has been designed with you in mind. You will first enter through our quaint and beautiful lobby and be greeted, by the smiles of our administrative staff. Here at Scot Trahan Medical Massage & Rehabilitation you will receive a massage that is top in the industry. The rehabilitation plan can only work with the help of the patient/client's help. Your personal wellness therapist will educate you on stretching, range of motion, and the importance of this as a daily routine.

Scot Trahan Medical Massage & Rehabilitation is not a substitute for your medical doctor, but we work in conjunction with the medical world to be a important part of your recovery. Therapeutic massage and bodywork therapies are appropriate for individuals with acute or chronic conditions, and those seeking general wellness and relaxation. Our practitioners are expertly trained to work with patients who have ongoing pain, cancer, amputations, sports injuries, and other life-threatening illnesses. They can also work in conjunction with physicians and communicate with other health care providers about your treatment and progress.

Reach the ultimate goal……"Live in Your Body Again!"